Reported Crop Circles for the State of California -

Laguna Canyon, Laguna Beach, Orange County (March 9, 1996)

Three separate formations appeared on a steep embankment. By the time the formation was surveyed, there was bare earth making up most of the formations' patterns. The only plants that were bent, but undamaged, were English Plantain and wild oats. No sign of foot or hand prints. An irrigation pipe crossed through two of the formations. BOL's repeatedly seen and reported by witnesses. W.C. Levengood reported significant stem bending and increased cell pit wall diameters from plants in the formation as compared to controls. There was a claim that the formation was hoaxed by a group of protesters that had been demonstrating against the building of the toll road where the formation was located, but was unsubstantiated.

Lompoc, CA formationLompoc, CA formation

Crop type: Grass / Weeds, English Plantain, Wild Oats, & Bare Earth

Source and Photo and diagram: Marj Krstein, Ed & Kris Sherwood Additional information: Millennium Research P.O. Box 2084, Santa Monica, CA 90406, USA.
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