Reported Crop Circles for the State of Illinois -

Milan / Rock Island, Rock Island County (October 16, 1990)

A single 46.5’-49’ circle swirled clockwise. The farmer, who discovered the circle about ¼ of a mile from the nearest access road while harvesting, said he could find no trace of entry into the field, and in his 42 years of farming the field, had never seen anything like it. The ears of corn were impacted and pressed deep into the soil. The stalks were described as ‘broken off’ and not bent, but in two sections – one in the East and one in the West sections of the circle, the stalks were ‘broken’ off at 16” above the ground, and upright stalks surrounding the circle for some unspecified distance were ‘broken off’ at 5’ from the ground and leaning North. Chemical analysis done by Corrpro Companies showed that the pH factor inside the circle was slightly higher with one sample very high; one sample showed very high resistivity; chloride readings were higher than outside readings with one sample “abnormally high”. BOL's also reported in the area by several witnesses. The circle may have formed possibly a month before it was discovered. E-M effects reported by several people examining the circle. Someone who identified themselves as a ‘federal agent’ called the farmer at 4 AM to request permission to enter the field and take photographs. Upon arrival, he warned news crews to stay away from him.

Milan formation

Photo: Jeff Fischer

Crop type: corn (maize)

Source: Crop Circle at Milan, Illinois”, Jeff Fischer, MUFON UFO Journal No. 279, July 1991, Chicago Tribune, Oct. 28, 1990 , p. 1




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