Reported Crop Circles for the State of Indiana -

Etna Troy Township / Columbia City, Whitley County (July 14, 1996)

A 600’+ long formation consisting of three separate sections formed across two hills in the same field. A ‘dumbbell’-type formation consisting of a 62’ diameter circle with a ring with a pathway connected to a smaller circle. That smaller circle had three, separate swirled centers in which the highest level of increased radiation (~10x the normal background radiation level; not dangerous) found in the formation was located. The ring’s lay was described as looking like a ‘flash-frozen fluid flow’.

A smaller circle in-line with the other two was further down the slope of the hill.

A 'V'-shaped pathway structure with a spur was located in alignment with the smaller circle located to the west; the pathway itself, although composed of straight lines, had a woven, wavy flattened lay.

Across the field to the South on the slope of another hill, was the third part of the formation; a large circle with a “key” and a small grapeshot circle off to the side.

Biophysicist W.C. Levengood of Pinelandia Labs, Grass Lake, Michigan reported significantly lengthened stem nodes and higher levels of magnetic material in the soil samples from the formation.

Etna Troy, IN formation Etna Troy, IN formation

Etna Troy, IN formation Etna Troy, IN formation

Crop type: wheat

Source: personal investigation, Roger Sugden, W.C. Levengood
Photos: Jeffrey Wilson, Roger Sugden



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