Reported Crop Circles for the State of Indiana -

Spencer / Owen Valley, Owen County (July 17, 2000)

Five circle formation in one field. The circles are aligned very close to a 90 degree angle. The diameter of the circles were 100', 70', 60', 50', 34' and the path was 90 by 4. The path seemed to be part of the design. The 100', 70', and 34' diameter circles all had counter-clockwise lays. The 60' and 50' foot circles had a combination of counter-clockwise and clockwise lays (contra-rotated swirls). The 100 circle appeared approx. one month after the first four circles appeared.

This is the first formation in corn noted to have expulsion cavities.

In 2005, archaeologists from the University of Indiana found an ancient, Native American circular earthwork just to the south of this formation.



Crop type: corn (maize)

Source: Ted Robertson, ICCRA; University of Indiana

Photo: Ted Robertson, ICCRA


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