Reported Crop Circles for the State of Indiana -

Washington Center / Washington Township, Noble County (July 20, 1996)

This over 200' long formation went nearly unobserved and unreported. The formation, discovered by the farmer (name withheld), was harvested right away. He took no pictures of it, but the formation, over a month later, came to the attention of researchers surveying nearby formations at Indian Village (about 1-2 miles away) and Columbia City (about 10 miles away).

The diagram (at left) is the best reconstruction of the formation. The formation consisted of an 101' diameter ring swirled counter-clockwise; a second section had a ring of standing wheat, with a small swirled circle at its center; a third part was a NE pathway connected to a 45' diameter ring swirled counter-clockwise with standing wheat at its center. The NE pathway continued to a 33' diameter circle swirled counter-clockwise.

This formation was set back from the nearest road by approximately 1/2 mile and was located in a very rural area with no communities nearby for miles.

Washington Center, IN formation Washington Center, IN formation

Crop type: wheat

Source: personal investigation, Roger Sugden
Photo: Roger Sugden; Diagram: Jeffrey Wilson



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