Reported Crop Circles for the State of Iowa -

Boone, Boone County (July 1972)

Farmer Leslie Poling went to visit the Teig farm in Story City after the initial new report came out about the circle there. He reported finding another circle on his farm with the same approximate characteristics as the other 1972 Iowa reports, with the plants in the same condition and the same grey dust found as in the Goldfield report. Poling reportedly saved a large chuck of the grey dust material in a plastic bag in his garage along with a yardstick which he claimed became discolored after using it inside the circle. This formation was reported to be slightly larger than the first two reports in Story City and in Goldfield.

Poling himself said that at approximately 9:30 pm on the night before he found the circles, a “sheet of light” illuminated his kitchen, he heard a “loud crack”, and several of the windows in his house broke. Poling didn’t believe that it was lightning, saying: “I’ve seen and heard lightning strike close. This was not like those times because there wasn’t the strange smell you get with lightning.”

A lab analysis of the soil inside the circles (including the grey dust) stated that the soil had an absence of fulgurites, indicating that no lighting struck. However, spectrographic analysis indicated that all the organic substances in the soil had been burned out from a “sudden, intense heat”.

Investigators at this site also received a report of an additional circle in a nearby cornfield where the “vegetation had been flattened as if by an incredible wind”, but no location (other than Northeastern Iowa) or date was given in the report.

One last report uncovered during this investigation was a claim by a farmer who wished to remain anonymous, of finding at least two dozen circles on his own, and nearby farms, which were accompanied by sightings of a “red glow” and “beams of light”. One particular circle was found after one of the lights was seen hovering underneath some power lines, and the grassy area underneath on the ground was found to have been “blown down like a rotary lawn mower had been there”. This farmer had tried to take pictures of the hovering light, but when his photos were developed, they were “fogged” and the object was blurred as if it had been moving very fast.

Boone Iowa Formation

Crop type: Soybeans

Source: “The Iowa UFO Landings”, Official UFO, August 1975; “A Closer Look At the Flying Saucer Evidence”, Kevin D. Randle, True: Flying Saucers and UFOs Quarterly No. 6, Summer 1977



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