Reported Crop Circles for the State of Iowa -

Clarion, Wright County (July 8, 1973)

Farmer Howard Groves discovers another circle about 120’ in diameter and with radiating lines as other 1972 Iowa reports, (three of which were also in Wright County). The plants inside the circle were depressed, wilted and brown “as if they had been burned by an intense heat”.

Clarion 1973 Formation

Groves contacts farmer Donald Slaikeu, of Goldfield, Iowa, one of the farmers who had found one of the 1972 circles on his property exactly a year previous to the day, and only 14 miles to the west, to come out to take a look. Wright County Sheriff Robert Shaw, who investigated both circles, said “The two situations are identical. There appeared to be an intense extreme heat for a short period of time. Something disturbed the ground violently.”

Clarion 1973 Formation

The same grey dust was reportedly found at this location too. A Wright County farm agent went to the site with his Geiger counter and found no radiation, but in his analysis of the soil, he discovered that all the phosphorous in the soil had burned away. He noted that there was no evidence of fulgurites indicating that the circle wasn’t produced by a lighting strike.

Farmer Groves added that when he and his wife came home on July 8 from attending a local ballgame, he said his dog, Ginger, ran into the house and “…absolutely refused to come out. My wife had to drag her back outside. Ginger’s never acted that way before. Cars or lightning never scared her like that before. Something’s gotten into her, that’s for sure.”

Crop type: Soybeans

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