Reported Crop Circles for the State of Iowa -

Eagle Grove, Humboldt County (July 3, 2004)

Approximately 18 ‘randomly-downed’ flattened areas reportedly found in oats only 100 yards from the landowners’ farmhouse.


The local Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department was called, and could find no trace of any person or animal into the flattened areas.

The night before the ‘circles’ were found, the landowners dogs woke up and barked ‘wildly’ for about 20 minutes just after midnight during a rainstorm.

The lay was flattened straight in all the flattened areas.


An anonymous phone call to a local paper claimed that they had made the circles by bouncing a home-built helicopter “3 times” in the field due to the pilot’s rusty flying skills.

Crop type: soybeans

Source and Photo: © 2004 by KCCI-TV, Channel 8, Iowa .


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