Reported Crop Circles for the State of Iowa -

Goldfield, Wright County (July 8, 1972)

A flattened, ‘burned’ depression was discovered in soybeans by farmer Donald Slaikeu. Extending from the circle were four lines of flattened, ‘wilted’ plants radiating outward “like spokes on a wheel”. The formation was a near-duplicate of the Story City formation, except that the “orientation of the spoke-like lines was different”, being oriented in a southerly direction. Also, an unusual ‘grey dust’ was noticed. This formation was reported after the original news article on the Story City report. Both formations’ wilted plants recovered after several days, although their growth was stunted – except the plants in the center had dried up and “turned to dust”. Rumors of perhaps as many as 2 dozen more circles reported but were kept anonymous.

Eyewitness report only.

Crop type: Soybeans

Source: “The Iowa UFO Landings”, Official UFO, August 1975, “Mysterious Clues Left Behind By Flying Saucers”, UFO Report, Spring 1975



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