Reported Crop Circles for the State of Iowa -

Mount Pleasant, Henry County (October, 1973)

In 1973, The Hawk Eye ran a series of stories about three strange circles found near Mud Creek recreation area in Henry County that formed a triangular pattern.

Mt Pleasant 1973 Formation

Some people believed the pattern found in the area was evidence of an extraterrestrial spacecraft landing.

The story about the Mud Creek "rings" continued through 1973 and spurred other stories to emerge, including a man's fantastic, vivid account of a possible alien visitation 53 years earlier (see 1920 account).

Mud Creek Recreation area is world-renowned for its high concentration of geodes, spherical rocks filled with quartz crystals.

Crop type: Grass

Source: “Let’s Just Not Talk About It…”, The Hawk Eye, October 19,1973, The Hawk Eye October 28, 1973


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