Reported Crop Circles for the State of Kansas -

Dighton, Lane County (July 1972)

A 20 diameter circle reported.

Update: Aug. 19, 2010 - Associated Press

...Her (Pam Krehbiel Schnuelle) brother saw the strange lights several times while baling hay late into the night during the summer. Around the same time of her sighting that spring, her father discovered a crop circle burned into his green wheat. The News reported it was 20 feet in diameter.

She still remembers the smell — an odd smell that didn't smell of burned wheat. She hasn't smelled it since.

Schnuelle also still remembers the look on her father's face when he discovered it.

"My dad, we're religious people," she said. "The only thing we did was go to church, the rodeo during summer — just good people. For my dad, it was hard. It was very hard to imagine."...

Eyewitness report only.

Crop type: wheat

Source: Jeffrey Wilson & Associated Press


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