Reported Crop Circles for the State of Kansas -

Highland, Doniphan County (September 28, 1991)

1991 Highland KS Formation

After a night of BOL's reportedly witnessed, an unmarked US Government agency visited the small, rural town cordoning off a three square mile area of farmland with road blocks, and erected an electrified fence around a particular field of corn. The farmer who discovered the crop formation described it as being a strange "script" and only managed to sketch out about 1/4 of the markings: 'E 9 7 +' (viewed from the South). Each mark was about 10'-30' in diameter. Local residents who attempted to enter the field after the US Government agency left discovered that in the area of the field affected there had been an attempt to harvest the corn, but it had been pressed too flat to the ground. Instead, harvested stalks had been spread on top of the affected areas to disguise the markings. The witnesses reported EM effects while measuring out the 1/4 mile formation. Another researcher investigating the above claims reported that the cordoning of the field was possibly related to a mass murder investigation of Marvin Irvin and could not find evidence to show that the formation actually existed.

Crop type: Corn (Maize)

Source: Pat Delgado


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