Reported Crop Circles for the State of Louisiana -

Minden, Webster Parish (June 17, 1976)

A 15.5' diameter ring, with a 7' diameter circle of standing grass untouched was discovered swirled counter-clockwise in grass along the side of Interstate I-20 by road maintenance worker Gene Smith at approximately 10:00 a.m. about 2 miles east of Minden. The grass in the outer 4’ edge was flattened and swirled counterclockwise, and this included several pine tree saplings also swirled counterclockwise.

Minden, LA 1976 Formation

The grass was reported scorched, and pine saplings located nearby were also scorched. The soil inside the circle had a very low moisture content compared to outside the circle, and was described as “powdery”.

Minden, LA 1976 Formation

BOL's were reported being seen in the area three days before the circle's discovery.

Minden, LA 1976 Formation

A United States Army staff sergeant from Army Intelligence came to investigate, and commented that in his view "it looked like it (the circle) was caused by RF burn" (radio frequency burn by microwave transmitters).

David Thomas, a Webster Parish Emergency Preparedness Office conducted radiological tests, but no abnormal radiation was detected.

Crop type: grass

Source: The Secret History of Crop Circles, Terry Wilson; “UFO Landing Ring Found In Louisiana”, Official UFO July 1977


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