Reported Crop Circles for the State of Maryland -

Greenbelt, Prince George’s County (February 22-25, 2001)

In late February, 2001, an ice circle formation was spotted on a frozen storm water drainage pond in Greenbelt, Maryland from the upper floor of a high-rise office building. From about Feb. 22 through 25 of 2001, there was a period of snow and sustained sub-freezing temperatures that caused the pond to freeze over. On the morning after the snowfall (about 6"), the witness noticed a large circle had formed on the surface of the ice. The entire circle was not immediately visible early in the day (because part of it may have been covered by snow), but by the end of the day the full circle was revealed.

The circle wasn't located in the center of the pond, but instead towards the right side. The circle appeared as a slightly darker band against the more-whitish ice of the rest of the surface of the pond, with the band being nearly as wide as the apparent length of cars passing on the street near the pond. The circle appeared geometrically perfect, and the band was uniform in width.

The next day, another band of the same width, in the form of a straight line, beginning inside the circle, and extending left was seen well outside the perimeter of the circle. Again, the entire line gradually became visible as the day progressed, and it appeared geometrically uniform. The right end of the line started low in the lower right quadrant of the circle, and was roughly perpendicular to a 0- to 180-degree axis, extending to the left, well beyond the edge of the circle, and in overall length, was slightly larger than the diameter of the circle.

A smaller, concentric circle appeared inside the larger circle a day or so later. Again, this pattern revealed itself gradually, as the day went on. This circle began at about 30 degrees, and extended counterclockwise to about 160 degrees, in sort of a "letter C" shape. This smaller circular segment did not transect the straight line, which was lower in the larger circle. The smaller circular segment's diameter was roughly 3/4 to 2/3 the diameter of the large circle.

The witness checked with a compass, and the straight line was also at least roughly in a North-South alignment. The ice surface did not seem to be solid enough to support the weight of a human being, and no footprints were seen on the ice.

The location of this Greenbelt ice circle formation is about a mile from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

Eyewitness report only.

Crop type: ice

Source: “Ice Circle Formation”, Paranormal Story Archives, April 2002 – Page 14


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