Reported Crop Circles for the State of Michigan -

Howell Township, Livingston County (July 24, 2003)

A subtle, but complex formation comprised of one large 44’ diameter circle with two ‘spur’ extensions at the East and West points. A smaller, 11’ diameter circle was located about 130’ to the West.

Island Lake State Rec. Area, MI formation

Underneath the main lay of the large circle, 4 smaller circles between 3’-6’ in diameter were discovered located at the cardinal points. Formation was authenticated using the L-NEAT protocol; blown nodes discovered, as well as expulsion ‘fissures’. The formation was discovered by the farmer while harvesting with no tracks leading into the formation. The formation was located close to a power line pole with a transformer box on it, and directly above a large aquifer.

Island Lake State Rec. Area, MI formation

The formation received widespread media coverage, and crowds of visitors. A local radio station claimed on-air responsibility for making the formation which they described as being “three circles in corn”. Despite their obvious fraudulent claim, national media reported the circle as being hoaxed. Local news stations challenged the radio station to duplicate their efforts on live broadcast, which they failed to do and recanted their claim. The media’s default position became that it was a genuine formation. .

Island Lake State Rec. Area, MI formation

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Crop type: wheat

Source: ICCRA

Photos: Jeffrey Wilson and Roger Sugden


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