Reported Crop Circles for the State of Michigan -

Mud Lake, Liberty Township, Jackson County (December 17, 2003)

On December 17, Vaughn Hobe was awoken between 1-1:30 AM by a “dazzling, brilliant white column of light”. The column of light, centered over the southern-most edge of Mud Lake, extended up into sky from the horizon. The column of light he witnessed got wider as it rose into the sky. Mr. Hobe’s view of the lake is obscured by a hill about 1,000 feet away, but the column of light most probably extended down below his visible horizon to the lake level (about 30 feet below the hilltop), because an ice circle/ice ring was discovered in approximately the location of the column of light. The weather conditions at the time of the event: heavy snow (it snowed about 7” that night) and winds gusting to approximately 40 m.p.h. The thick blanket of snow obscured the circle, and it only became visible as the snow melted by December 28 when Mr. Hobe took the first photos of the circle.

Island Lake State Rec. Area, MI formation

The ice circle itself is comprised of three distinct parts: (1) a clearer, thinner layer of ice 27-32 feet in diameter, (2) a brighter white, thicker 'splash pattern' extending beyond the initial circle approximately 5-6 feet on all sides, (3) a thicker, darker circle extending beyond the 'splash pattern' another 13-15 feet making the total diameter of the circle 62-64 feet in diameter. The depth of the lake at the center of the circle was very shallow. There were about 3-4 inches of clear water, then about 3 feet of sediment and aquatic plants. The described ‘splash patterns’ of ice were completely free of any sediment from the lake, which narrows down the possibilities for explaining the effect.

Island Lake State Rec. Area, MI formation

Samples were taken of the ice, and W.C. Levengood used the water in a bio-assay test. He determined that plants grown with the water from the ‘splash pattern’ grew at a 174% accelerated rate as compared to all the other samples.

Island Lake State Rec. Area, MI formation

Crop type: ice

Source: ICCRA Investigation

Photos: Todd Lemire, Vaughn Hobe


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