Reported Crop Circles for the State of Minnesota -

Milaca, Mille Lacs County (October 1, 1994)

Three circles 65', 29', and 29' in diameter were discovered with the corn swirled flat to the ground by Harold and Perry Smith on their farm. The largest circle was swirled counterclockwise; the two smaller circles swirled clockwise. The circles were aligned East-West, and were “laid out with precision”. There were no footprints or indentations in the soil anywhere around the circles. The centers of the circles each had a bare, exposed patch of undisturbed soil. A nearby neighbor, Shirley Anderson and her husband reportedly saw a large blue-white globe of light descend to the ground in the direction of the Smith’s farm a few nights before the circles were discovered. Plant samples were collected by members of Minnesota MUFON for W.C. Levengood.

Levengood: "In this formation complex, the data provide very clear evidence that the rapid, thermal energy delivered within the formations was sufficient to alter the cell wall pit structures within the developing ears [of corn]. These changes were consistent within two independently obtained sample sets within matching sampling locations. ["R group" by Ms. Sally Rayl and "S group" by Mr. Robert Schultz] The distribution of the energies throughout these circle formations appears to be very complex, a situation which is consistent with what has been documented in many other crop formations." [Report #33]

Milaca, MN formation

Crop type: Corn (Maize)

Source and photos: Robert Schultz, Minnesota MUFON


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