Reported Crop Circles for the State of Missouri -

Odessa, Lafayette County (June 21, 1990)

A originally 50’ diameter circle discovered swirled down with no broken stalks in a sugar cane field. The farmer reported that upon discovery, the circle appeared “perfect”. Watching the circle over the course of several days, the farmer reported that the circle ‘expanded’ and ‘mutated’ in shape until it was an 125’ circle with a 75’ rectangular pathway by the time investigators arrived. The sorghum plants in the newly-added areas were pointing towards the center of the original circle. The plants in the circular area were uniformly laid out in spirals. A second flattened area “shaped like a mushroom” was discovered in the same field near the road. The person who discovered the circles while driving, described feeling “directed” - or somehow influenced - to drive out of her way down the rural road to find the circles.


Odessa1 Odessa2

Crop type: Sugar Cane (Sorghum)

Source: Kansas City Star, September 21, 1990 ; “ Midwest Crop Circles”, Erich A Aggen, Jr., MUFON UFO Journal No. 272 December 1990


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