Reported Crop Circles for the State of Nebraska-

Butte, Boyd County (July 21, 1996)

A 35' diameter circle with a 4' wide ring encircling it; also a approx. 25’ diameter oval area of ‘randomly-downed’ but partially swirled crop located about 175’ away. Samples were collected by the Boyd County Sheriff’s Department who did the investigation. The Sheriff’s department issued a statement saying their investigation showed that the circle was not the result of pranksters and would not continue searching for vandals. No significant changes were detected as a result of any test conducted on soil and plant material from the geometric formation, however, significant node expansion, node bending, and increased levels of magnetic material was found in the ‘randomly-downed’ area located nearby. The formation occurred on a night of heavy thunderstorms, and several people had called the Sheriff’s office that night reporting a series of bright BOL’s in the direction of a nearby golf course.

Butte, NE Formation

Crop type: barley

Sources: Jeffrey Wilson, W.C. Levengood - Report #77


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