Reported Crop Circles for the State of New Hampshire -

Wakefield, Carroll County (January 12, 1977)

A three foot circle that was ‘perfectly round’ was found melted through 18” thick ice in the center of a pond on Rocky Ridge Farm and was discovered by owner William McCarthy. Poking around through the hole, McCarthy discovered a square, back object in the three foot deep water. After showing the hole to his wife, the couple called the local police, who arrived with a number of civil defense workers in tow. The local deputy director of Civil Defense measured abnormally high radiation up to 3 roentgens in the area of the ice circle nearest the square object. The count was so high that official ordered everyone to stay away from the pond, and instructed McCarthy and his family not to discuss the situation. But word got out, and by the end of the afternoon, members of the New Hampshire National Guard arrived, as well as reporters, photographers, TV crews, officials from the New Hampshire’s Attorney General’s office, the State Police, and even officials from the Pentagon.

The State Police roped off the area and the National Guardsmen removed the black square object. The radiation counts were checked again after the object was removed, and were found to be back to normal. Once the commotion died down, and the people left, McCarthy noticed that the circle never refroze that winter, and the tree nearest the ice circle died.

Crop type: ice

Source: “Shallow N.H. Pond Still Unfathomable,” Hamilton, William B., and Peter Anderson, Boston Evening Globe , January 14, 1977;  “NH Natives 'Saw' Mystery Object, State Officials Say They Didn't.”, Keeley, Robert, Boston Herald American, January 14, 1977;  Passing Strange: True Tales of New England’s Hauntings and Horrors, Joesph A. Citro, 1996


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