Reported Crop Circles for the State of New York -

Annadale, Staten Island, Richmond County (February 14, 1975)

A man out walking his dog notices his dog become extremely agitated, then break free of the chain and run away. Within 100 yards of the spot a BOL looking like “a red hot poker” “glowing a brilliant shade of orange” and “shaped like a football” about 25 feet in diameter descend out of the sky to treetop level. Several additional witnesses also see the object hover over the trees for about 10 minutes. They watched the object change its shape from a football to egg-shape to suddenly shrink in size to a small ball before disappearing.

Anadale 1975 Formation

The area underneath the object had been severely affected: everything (grass, shrubs, thickets) in a 40’-50’ radius had been flattened in a clockwise direction, and the soil had been ‘charred’. Several trees had been sheared off to about 10 feet above the ground (see photo at left), and several 5” thick branches were found broken off and lying in the circular area. Bark on surrounding trees was described as scorched on the side facing the circular area. Both officers from the Annadale Police Department and reporters from the Staten Island Advance were impressed enough to have the USAF come to investigate the site, but no official report has been uncovered at this time.

Crop type: Grass / Trees

Source: CUFOS files, report dated February 27, 1975 ; NICAP UFO Investigator, April 1975 ; Skylook, December 1975, p. 16; Margaret Sachs, Celestial Passengers, p. 108; “Saucers Over Our Cities”, UFO Report August 1977



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