Reported Crop Circles for the State of New York -

Mendon, Monroe County (October 14, 2005)

A single, elliptical-shaped circle 60 in its longest diameter was discovered in bull rushes (reeds/cattails) in a remote section of the Mendon Ponds Park. The plants in the circle were flattened generally in one direction.


Richard Chapman measured slightly higher radiation readings in the circle as compared to the normal background radiation using a 1960s-era Geiger counter.

This circle is located due north of Canisteo, NY circles that were reported earlier in the season by approximately 50 miles.

This area is notable for several American Indian archaeological sites including "The Indian Landing" which was the beginning of the trail that leads from western NY through the Ohio Valley all the way to the Mississippi Valley, and principally "Totiakton" a significant Indian village site which lasted well into historic times (late 1600's).

Crop type: reeds

Source: Richard Chapman; ICCRA

Photo: Richard Chapman



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