Reported Crop Circles for the State of North Carolina -

Charlotte, Mecklenburg County (August 8, 1991)

Charlotte 1991 Formation 
Pictured: Eli Springs, Jr.
Photo: Dick Van Halsema, The Charlotte Observer

A formation of six different sized circles ranging in size from 2’ to more than 35’ in diameter the morning after a severe thunderstorm. “Several 20’ circles dotted the middle of the field completely by themselves.” No tracks were found anywhere in the ‘muddy’ field. The field was surrounded on all sides by thick trees. A 17-year veteran of the National Weather Service said that the circles were “not weather-related” citing that lightning would have struck one of the trees at the edge of the field, wind damage would have encompassed a much larger area, and conditions over such a lush field wouldn’t be conducive to small whirlwinds or dust devils. A representative of the Mecklenburg Agricultural Extension Agency who investigated the site “had no ready explanation” and said “It’s perplexing.” These circles were reported at the same time the national and international media were broadcasting the “Doug ‘n Dave” hoax claim that they were responsible for hoaxing all the crop circles since 1976 in England. When asked about this, farmer Eli Springs, Jr. was very hostile to that suggestion, considering the circles were found with a lack of tracks left in the muddy field after a night of heavy rain.

Crop type: Soybeans and millet

Sources: Jeffrey Wilson


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