Reported Crop Circles for the State of North Carolina -

High Point, Guilford County (March 23, 1974)

At 10 p.m., two men driving down May Road toward Highway 109 witness a triangle of “pink” BOL’s that descend into a grass field. The “pink” BOL’s become redder as they get closer to the ground.

The next morning they return to the field and find three circles in a row in flattened hard into the grass. The center circle was approximately 9' in diameter and larger than the outer two circles, and was also flattened closer to the ground. The outer circles had a "trailing line" which extended out into the field. Slight bending of the grass and a few broken blades were also reported.

Eyewitness report only.

Crop type: grass

Sources: The Secret History of Crop Circles, Terry Wilson; Crop Circles – A Mystery Solved, Jenny Randles and Paul Fuller; Ted Phillips, Physical Traces Associated with UFO  Sightings


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