Reported Crop Circles for the State of North Carolina -

Leicester, Buncombe County #1 (June 21, 2005)

A four-circle formation is found in 6’-7’ tall hay the morning after more than a dozen witnesses- including the landowners - observe a “blinding light” lasting for several seconds around 11:15 PM on the 21st. Witnesses from a 10 mile radius around the formation reported seeing the light, and animals in all those locations were also reported to have been extremely agitated – the landowners’ dog located at the time in a basement “tried to rip the door off”. No tracks were found leading into the isolated, gated field.


The largest circle was approx. 60’ in diameter; the three smaller circles were tangent to the main circle and were 4-5’ in diameter. The main circle had an ‘S-shaped’ lay. The first person upon arrival at the circles reported that “the area smelled like a campfire that had just been put out.” Photo taken by the landowners upon arrival at the formation the first morning of discovery showed the smaller circles’ centers were ‘burned’ – both plants and soil.


There was no unusual weather at the time, and it had not rained in the area for the previous 7-10 days.


ICCRA members Jeffrey Wilson, Delsey Knoechelman, Ted Robertson, and Roger Sugden traveled to western North Carolina over the July 4th weekend to survey this formation. Upon arriving, we placed a GammaScout Geiger Counter in the main circle and began taking radiation measurements. We continuously monitored the formation over the course of the next two days. Preliminary results show an increase in radioactivity in the formation versus normal background / control readings taken outside the formation. Those results will be forthcoming. There were no unusual E-M readings detected. The ICCRA collected both plant and soil samples from this formation for further analysis. This formation tested L-NEAT positive for node elongation. Soil analysis will be forthcoming.


The landowners subsequently reported that they had previously seen the brilliant, white light “one month to the day” before the circles were found but nothing else unusual had occurred at that time, and that they had seen unusual light phenomena and balls-of-light in previous years on at least two other occasions in this valley.


Originally the landowners’ son and daughter-in-law listed samples of this formation on eBay (which is how the ICCRA learned of the formation) because they believed someone might be interested in the formation, but the landowners had been hesitant to go to the media for fear of ridicule. This appears to be incidental to how the formation got there, and doesn’t appear to have been motive to create a hoax.

Additional discoveries were that, located just up the road, was a small triangular-shaped rye field which apparently was also unusually flattened around the triangle layout of the field on the same night as the formation. Later a second RDF, roughly square-shaped, appeared across the street in young corn.


In the area where two of the crop circles became tangent to one another, a bird’s nest remained untouched, and later the eggs hatched with seemingly no harm to the hatchlings.

Crop type: grass / hay

Sources: ICCRA investigation

Photos: Jeffrey Wilson, Roger Sugden, landowners (name withheld)


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