Reported Crop Circles for the State of Ohio -

Chillicothe, Ross County (Mid Sept 2012)

Sept. 20th, 2012 - Crop Circle News recieved a report of a crop circle near Chillicothe, Ohio


Jeffrey Wilson - 9/24/12


I've attached a 3-D LiDAR survey map that I did a couple of years ago of the Hopewell Mound Group pointing out the remnants of the earthwork walls and burial mounds. I've also pointed out the location of the crop circle in relation to the earthworks. Note that the crop circle actually is located in the old channel of the riverbed of the North Fork of Paint Creek (about 160 yards to the south of the crop circle). The crop circle is about 100 y... eards south of the southern earthwork wall of the enclosure, and about 330 yards east of some high tension power lines. The crop circle is at least two weeks old based on the timing of the Connector post and the content.

Ironically, I drove through the Hopewell Mound Group just 8 days ago with Hugh Newman (of Megalithomania fame) and remarked about this particular field as being a prime candidate for a crop circle due to the contextual markers (nearby water, power lines, earthworks, low spot of area). The crop circle formation must have been there, but it is not visible from any nearby road.

Stay tuned - more to come as the investigation progresses....


Jeffrey Wilson - To clarify the above statement from the landowner - there will only be one investigation done by the ICCRA, and we will be escorted by the farm manager. They will not be allowing anyone else into the field. (These were the owner's specific restrictions...)

Stay tuned for more!!!

QUICK UPDATE (Oct. 5, 2012) -


Jeffrey Wilson...the final count of circles in the formation (including the seven rings) was 43. That is the 2nd-most number of circles in a USA formation (the highest number was 47 circles way back in 1972 in Meeker County, Minnesota).


In the above photo notice the power lines, water, and in the green field to the left is Hopewell Mound Group.

aeriel 2

In this photo, you can see the crop circle in the center of the photo, and directly below it near the bottom of the photo is green, oval-shaped area in the grass - that is one of the remnant burial mounds of the Hopewell Mound Group. The North Fork of Paint Creek is just above the crop circle.

On Sept. 28th, the landowner asked Jeffrey and Delsey Wilson to join her and the farm manager at the field and the following images were taken of the formation.


This was a panorama of one of the interior rings of the formation. You can see from this ground-level view how unevenly the corn stalks are flattened down - anywhere from 2 inches to 48 inches bent above the ground level. Also, this ring (and nearly all the rings) had a contra-rotating swirl: clockwise, then counter-clockwise, then clockwise, then counterclockwise.


In this panorama looking down one of the 'arms' of circles, Delsey Wilson stands by the 'veil' of a single row of stalks left in-between two tangent circles.


Looking towards the southeast in the direction of the North Fork of Paint Creek down another 'arm' of circles. Again you can see here how the majority of stalks in this circle are not flattened completely to the ground, but are flattened about 18 inches to four feet above the ground. This circle was generally flattened in a counter-clockwise flow.


This is a photo of the center circle of the formation: this circle had two standing stalks at its center. Interestingly, the circle was clearly comprised of three distinct sections: there was an outer band of about 4-8 feet of flattened corn laying radially outward from the center, while the center 30 feet had nearly all the stalks laying radially towards the center. This made for an amazing 'woven' effect of all the stalks intermingling at the center. There was also on the west side of this circle, in-between the two sections, a band of flattened crop 1-2 feet wide that flowed clockwise. There were other layers which also were flattened in other directions.

ICCRA was given permission to investigate the formation on Sept. 30, 2012. There was 28 individuals that helped collect data throughout the day - without the terrific volunteer efforts of those individuals, the ICCRA would not have been able to fully document this formation to the extent that it has! Many thanks to all those ICCRA volunteers!

The following diagram was created from Jeffrey Wilson's aerial photos:


The field has now been harvested, and the landowner is still NOT allowing permission to visit the field.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The L-NEAT results show that the growth node lengths measured from the formation samples are positive for node elongation vs. the growth node lengths of the control samples - this result confirms that this crop circle formation was not mechanically-made by people (as this result is an unhoaxable effect). The rest of the instrument data collected in the formation is still being analyzed and processed, but will be included with the final report, which will be available as soon as possible.


October 25, 2012

I was interviewed last week on L.A. Marzulli’s radio program last Thursday night. If you missed it, you can listen to the posted podcast here: (19:30 mark)

Part two tonight at 9PM EST. Listen to L.A. Marzulli:
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I also pre-taped a long interview with Linda Moulton Howe for Earthfiles which will be broadcast on Coast-to-Coast AM tonight. The show begins at 1AM, but from what I understand my taped interview will be the entire 2nd hour of the program (around 2AM).
Tonight's show: 1am - 5am ET/10pm - 2am PT Earthfiles Reports Thu 10-25
Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe will discuss the September 2012 sighting at Black Diamond, Washington of seven large red-orange glowing spheres, the final collapse of Arctic summer sea ice by 2016, and a complex crop formation with 43 circles near the Chillicothe, Ohio ancient Mound Group.
There will also be a corresponding written report based on the interview and the photos I took of the Chillicothe, Ohio crop circle which will be posted at:

Linda tells me that .mp3’s of the interview I did with her will also be posted there (in case you cannot stay up late and listen in).j

October 25, 2012 - Tune in Tonight Coast to Coast AM with George Noory.
3 Hours Earthfiles news beginning 11 PM Pacific / 2 AM Eastern:
- High Strangeness in 43-Circle-Corn Pattern Near Ancient Mounds
of Chillicothe, Ohio. Reports upcoming.
“These elongated growth nodes are what we consider an unhoaxable effect
and that test alone tells us that this Chillicothe corn formation is NOT
mechanically made by people. So this is a non-manmade crop circle.”
- Jeffrey Wilson, Dir., ICCRA
It always amazes me when studying crop circles what kind of surprises I find – this one might blow your mind – it certainly stretched mine to figure this out… I believe I figured out what the Chillicothe, Ohio crop circle design is: A two-dimensional representation of a Heptagonal Hyperbolic Planar Tessellation.


‘The Chillicothe corn pattern could be a two-dimensional representation of a Heptagonal Hyperbolic Planar Tessellation:

- Based on the inverse of Phi, the Golden Ratio or Spiral, a ‘seven’ structure emerges.

- This fractal tessellation grid might be the underpinnings of the structure of the universe according to an elementary particle physics theory of M.S. El Naschie, which describes the fractal model of quantum space-time (E-infinity space).

- The Golden Ratio (Phi) emerges naturally in this theory and turns out to be the central piece that connects the fractal dimension of quantum space-time with the mass-energy of every fundamental particle; and also with several fundamental physical quantities such as the Fine Structure constant.

- An important part of the El Nachie's theory is that quantum space-time resembles the hyperbolic geometry of Klein quartic - or in other words, projecting the space-time of vacuum fluctuations on a Poincare circle we will see a hyperbolic tessellation with Klein-curve-like geometry. This figure inherently has a multiple of seven, which is the continuous fraction expansion of Phi to the 4th power, which is related to the Fine Structure constant.

- The Chillicothe crop circle appears to be a figure which demonstrates this principle, but constructed on a two-dimensional plane with circles and rings. This is why the formation appears to be asymmetrical because as one moves away from the central circle, the descending sized connecting circles' curves can choose to turn in different directions, but the circles will still be in proper mathematical relationship.

Part 2 at Earthfiles

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Crop type: Corn

Source: Jeffrey Wilson, ICCRA investigation


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