Reported Crop Circles for the State of Ohio -

Hillsboro, Highland County (July 5, 2004)

Randomly-downed area of corn discovered after weather front moves through the area.


Corn stalks flattened primarily SW-NE, although some sections had up to 4 layers flattened in different directions

Every metered test (Radioactivity, Electric Field Strength, Magnetic Field Strength, Radio/Microwave emission, Sum) and plant comparison test came back that the formation was statistically-significant (different) vs. control readings

Left: Growth Node cells from unaffected plants (normal)


Right: Growth node cells from flattened plants were found enlarged by +40%

Egg-shaped particles comprised of a hematite core (in red) with magnetite fused to it (in black) with a thin silica ‘shell’ on the outside (peach color). This has never before been found in analyzing soil from crop circles worldwide.


Crop type: corn

Source: ICCRA investigation Photos: Jeffrey Wilson, W.C. Levengood


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