Reported Crop Circles for the State of Ohio -

Miamisburg, Montgomery County (August 24, 2004)

Discovered by a local police officer on an aerial flight. The formation was in corn 8 tall and was over 220 in length.


The formation not visible from any road or building; it was located several hundred feet from nearest road.

The formation was at least two weeks old by the time researchers arrived, but they were still among the first people to access the formation; local firefighters voluntarily assisted researchers into the night.

The formation was measured to be L-NEAT positive for node elongation.

Many anomalous lights were reported being seen and photographed by multiple witnesses on different visits to the formation.

Dee Gregg calculated that several diatonic ratios were present in both the August 2003 Locust Grove, OH and August 2004 Miamisburg, OH formations; several new theorems discovered beyond the original five Dr. Gerald Hawkins discovered; first NON-Diatonic ratio discovered at Miamisburg.

Exquisite geometry was also discovered in this formation including an underlying repeating fractal design; comparisons were made with the 2003 Locust Grove formation which identified the same basic design elements were used in both formations, and that they were in very close proportions.


The formation was located in the closest field to the Great Miamisburg Mound, and was in close alignment to the mound. The Great Miamisburg Mound is close in size and shape to Silbury Hill in England.


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Crop type: corn

Source: ICCRA investigation

Photos: Jeffrey Wilson

Diagram; Bert Jannsen


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