Reported Crop Circles for the State of Ohio -

Moscow, Clermont County (June 6, 2010)

Moscow, OH RDF

Moscow, OH RDF

I [Jeffrey Wilson] spotted this circle on a drive along the Ohio River. It is located in a mixed grass field adjacent to the coal-fired Zimmer Power Plant (the nuclear cooling tower in the photo was designed and built in the 1980's, but the facility was changed to be coal-fired after the Three Mile Island nuclear accident and never had nuclear fuel there, but they still use the tower.).

The circle was 18'10" N/S in diameter and 23'2" E/W in diameter. The additional flattened areas to the west were a combined 74 feet in length total, with several swirled areas and standing tufts.

The circle was nearly entirely radially-flattened, and there several other non-geometric flattened areas connected to it via curved pathways. I was able to detect 2.6x higher radiation in the circle as compared to control readings. After much internal ICCRA discussion, we decided NOT to collect plant samples or examine plant samples, because of concerns regarding contamination due to the remnants of a deer that had been scattered throughout the formation. Deer bones and pieces were found throughout the formation, scattered by scavenger birds and possibly coyotes/dogs. The deer was NOT killed by the formation process - firefighters located across the street from the formation recalled seeing the dead deer that had been hit by a car alongside the edge of the road. The deer had been dragged into the formation AFTER the formation went down. All the bones and parts were lying on top of the flattened grass. It was creepy though... I did however measure for radioactivity:

Moscow, OH RDF

The radiation readings taken on June 10 inside the circle (Circle 1) were (on the average) over 2.5 times higher than the control readings. When using the Independent-samples t-Test at Vassar Stats, the statistical results were conclusive:

Moscow, OH RDF

The probability (P) results of <.0001 for both the one-tailed and two-tailed indicates a very high statistical significance.

The field where this formation is located is just inside the village limits of Moscow, Ohio, and just to the east of Little Indian Creek. The formation is located about 4.5 miles north of the Edgington Mound and about 6 miles south of the Green Mound, and about 3/10ths of a mile from the Ohio River.

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Crop type: field grass

Source: Jeffrey Wilson, ICCRA investigation; Vassar Stats


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