Reported Crop Circles for the State of Ohio -

West Union, Adams County (October 25, 2003)

This four-circle, three-ring, three pathway formation was in dry, ripe soybeans, and located on a slope adjacent to a drainage ditch along a busy highway. No obvious mechanical damage found, but because of the time frame between formation and investigation, no firm conclusions could be drawn as to its authentication.

formation formation

Although researchers were unable to make a firm statement on the formation's authenticity, there were several interesting findings: Although the field was dry and ripe for harvest, there were discovered eight stalks in different parts of the formation that were still green and alive and have kept their branches and leaves (soybean plants shed their branches and leaves when they dry out and ripen and the end of the season). To find these still-green plants flattened in a dry, ripe field is highly unusual, and researchers could not find any plants in the rest of the field to be even close to condition. They could not explain how the green plants managed to survive repeated frosts, because the plants were not underneath other flattened plants (they were flattened like the others), and some were in the central portions of the circles completely exposed (away from the edges where they might have been somewhat protected). A few of these green plants that still had their stems intact showed the necrotic leaf base damage that we had seen in both the Locust Grove and Bainbridge soybean formations - but without controls to compare against they could not use this as absolute evidence for authenticity.



Crop type: unknown.

Source: ICCRA investigation

Photos: Jeffrey Wilson


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