Reported Crop Circles for the State of Oregon -

Aloha [Sunset Hwy.], Washington County (June 14, 1994)

A 140 x 140 diameter Celtic Cross formation with approximately 15 grapeshot circles elsewhere in the field, as well as many 'randomly-downed' areas. The formation was oriented to the cardinal directions. The south circle had standing wheat in the center. The formation was heavily visited, and nearly destroyed, by people crossing into the field at random. The sizes of the circles were: (outer circles) north circle 14 diameter., east circle 12 diameter, south circle 12 diameter with a 4 diameter standing center, west circle 13 dia.; Central circle 55 diameter with an 70 ring that was 5 wide.

Location: 4531 N 12259 W

Aloha, OR Formation 

Crop type: wheat

Source: UFO Universe Vol. 6 No.4 Winter 1997, WC Levengood - Report 41


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