Reported Crop Circles for the State of Pennsylvania -

Cranberry Creek, Tannersville, Monroe County (January 28, 1993)

A 28 diameter, single circle of ice is discovered on Cranberry Creek by Myra Serfass while she was out walking her dog behind her house.

None of the professors in the physics department a nearby East Stroudsberg University had ever heard of such a phenomenon, but hazarded a guess that the circle was created by an eddy in the slow moving water in the creek. A correspondent with the local paper, Jim Rourke, suggested that the circle was the result of a spring beneath the spot where the circle formed because the ice in the circle was much whiter than the surrounding ice due to the air bubbles in the fresh spring water bubbling up. Neither explanation was tested, nor has the circle been seen (before or) since.

Eyewitness report only.

Crop type: ice

Source: “Ice Formation’s Perfection Cries Out For an Explanation”, “Explanation for Creek Ice Circle”, Pocono Summit Record, Feb. 1993; “Rings of Ice”, Fortean Times No.74 Apr-May 1994


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