Reported Crop Circles for the State of Pennsylvania -

Harrisburg / Manor Hill, Huntington County (June 15, 1967)

At approximately 9:15 pm, several hundred witnesses of the Hall Manor residential development describe seeing a pulsating red and white “star” fall straight down into a field of grass about 100 feet in front of the edge of some woods. After several minutes, the light dimmed and changed color, and then moved into the woods obscuring the object. One local witness, John Cook, organized a local investigating committee, working with NICAP and the UFO research center at the University of Colorado. Checking the area, Cook found a 16-foot by 5-foot diameter oval of clockwise-swirled grass. Cook reported finding increased levels of radioactivity on his Geiger counter (“…above normal, 0.4 out of a possible intensity of 0.5.”).

Crop type: grass

Source: “The Remarkable Skies of Harrisburg”, Flying Saucers UFO Report No.4, 1967, The Secret History of Crop Circles, Terry Wilson


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