Reported Crop Circles for the State of Texas -

Fort Worth, Tarrant County (May 1968)

A cotton farmer living south of Fort Worth, Texas discovered a five-foot diameter, burnt and flattened area in his field. The circle was surrounded by a wider, flattened, egg-shaped area (also burnt, but less so). In the whole of the depressed area, the soil was extremely dried out “like a piece of glazed pottery”. Upon receiving word of the circle, the USAF sent a team of approximately 20 men in two helicopters to the site where they took soil samples and radiation readings, and then quickly left. The farmer tried planting new cotton in the area, but the first planting didn’t grow; the second came up “sickly”, but the third planting seemed to “take hold unaffected”.

Crop type: cotton

Sources: “Mysterious Clues Left Behind By Flying Saucers”, UFO Report, Spring 1975


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