Reported Crop Circles for the State of Washington -

Eltopia / Pasco, Franklin County (June 19, 1998)

Extraordinary 270’ long by 200’ wide formation with nine major circles (partially overlapping) connected by seven short pathways with much of the rest of the field scattered with 'randomly-downed' areas and 'grapeshot'. EM effects reported in area. W.C. Levengood reported finding node length changes consistent to fit the Beer-Lambert model of EM distribution, and significantly increased amounts of magnetic material were found in the soil samples. As the days went on after the formation was discovered, more and more of the field became affected by more ‘randomly-downed’ flattened areas in the field. The formation was located on a slope, with the largest circle at the bottom. Four of the circles were flattened clockwise; five were counter-clockwise; several circles had two swirled centers.



Crop type: wheat

Source: ilyes


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