Reported Crop Circles for the State of Washington -

Walla Walla / Cottonwood Canyon, Walla Walla County (July 4, 1999)

The circle formation appeared right on the border of Washington state and Oregon (one of the harvesting lines in the picture is where the border actually is). The lay was reported as being counterclockwise near the outside of the circles, but as you approached the center it reversed direction to being clockwise ‘in 4-5” bands’. The wheat was of the delicate bearded variety, and was bent in two places: about 2” off the ground, and again at the last node before the seed head (likely due to phototropism, indicating that formation was much earlier than discovery). The soil in the formation was ‘baked like concrete’. Possible EM effects on people/animals reported. *Possible second formation in the area (rumored).



Crop type: wheat

Source: Jeffrey Wilson


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