Reported Crop Circles for the State of Wisconsin -

Mayville / Kekoskee, Dodge County (July 4, 2003)

The first well documented eyewitness case of a complex crop circle formation in the United States. This formation was eye-witnessed forming in approximately 12-15 seconds, at about 7:40 a.m. by recently-retired truck driver Art Rantala, from his workshop located on a hill overlooking the field. He described no unusual lights or sounds, but as the crop circles formed, there was a weather front passing at the time. Each circle was formed in succession, starting with the one farthest into the field, then the one closest to the road, then the one in the center with the crescent.

Wausau, WI Formation

The formation was authenticated using the L-NEAT protocol, as not being mechanically-made by people. “Blown nodes” (expulsion cavities) were found on stalks located inside the crop circles. Concentrated magnetically-susecptible particles were found in the formation.

Wausau, WI Formation

Dutch researcher Bert Jannsen later uncovered a hidden 8-fold geometry in the design of the formation.

Wausau, WI Formation

USA geometer Dee Gragg has found additional geometric relationships including the discovery of an additional geometric theorem (not predicted by Dr. Gerald Hawkins) through trigonometric means rather than through Euclidean geometry.

Wausau, WI Formation

Four researchers investigating the formation were repeatedly ‘buzzed’ by US military helicopters, were under surveillance by the US military, and met with one soldier in the formation itself.

Wausau, WI Formation

Wausau, WI Formation

The formation was located very near the Horicon Marsh, a 37,000 acre protected freshwater habitat. Dodge County also includes the highest concentration of Native American mounds left extant in the USA (over 700). A set of unmarked mounds was located less than a mile from the formation. The field in which the formation is located is bordered by power lines along the length of it, and has limestone only 4 feet below the surface.

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Crop type: grass

Sourceand Photos: Jeffrey Wilson, ICCRA, Dr. Charles Leitzau, Roger Sugden, Art Rantala

Diagram: Bert Jannsen


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