Reported Crop Circles for the State of Florida -

Fort Myers-Everglades, Lee County (March 14, 1965)

James Flynn, a woodsman, was out training a group of four hunting dogs in the Everglades and had camped for the night. He was awoken around 1:30 AM by the dogs all barking loudly. He saw a bright BOL (ball-of-light) approximately 75-100 in diameter very near to the ground making a humming sound. He went closer to the object to get a better look. The BOL moved to within approximately 8' of Flynn who then lost consciousness. Flynn woke up the following morning, with near-total blindness, and his arms and hands were numb, as well as having some loss of hearing.

The vision problems recovered slightly after Flynn was taken to an ophthalmologist, who could not find his right retina during the exam. Flynn was subsequently treated by his family doctor, Dr. Harvey J. Stipe, who went out into the Everglades to investigate the site of the incident with Flynn on March 21. In the area where Flynn had lost consciousness, they discovered a 72 foot diameter, flattened, scorched circle of sawgrass. In some places, the ground had been turned-up; nearby trees were also reportedly burned/scorched from their tops to about halfway down to the ground..

Eyewitness report only.

Crop type: sawgrass

Sources: The UFO Encyclopedia, Vol. 1: The Phenomena from the Beginning: Vol. 1 A-K.; Hynek UFO Report (HUR), pp 200-202


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