Reported Crop Circles for the State of Kansas -

Delphos, Ottawa County (November 2, 1971)

Delphos KS Forrmation

A 16-yr-old eyewitness watched a BOL hover near the ground about 75ft away from him. The object emitted a ‘rumbling sound’ and remained there about three minutes. The BOL then flew up into the sky emitting a high-pitched sound, knocking down a tree and breaking another tree branch along the way. As it cleared the tree line into the sky, several other witnesses then reported seeing the object. An 8’ diameter ‘glowing’ ring was discovered in dry, bare soil.

Delphos KS Formation

Seven different soil analyses were conducted on the soil samples collected from the site. The soil, as compared to control samples taken from outside the ring (1) would not absorb water; (2) was more acidic and had a higher concentration of soluble salts; (3) had 5-10x more calcium, and had higher concentrations of mineral; (4) was coated with a hydrocarbon; (5) soil had content that was discovered to have a previously unknown, un-catalogued crystalline structure of low atomic weight.

Crop type: Scrub grass / dirt

Source and photos: Physical Traces Associated with UFO Sightings, Ted Phillips; “The Delphos Landing Case – Part One”, Official UFO November 1975; “The Delphos Landing Case – Part Two”, Official UFO January 1976; “The Amazing UFO Discoveries of Peter Hurkos”, UFO Report Winter 1975; “UFOs In Trouble”, UFO Report September 1978; “Most Recent Soil Analysis In Delphos Case Continues To Back Accounts By Witnesses”, Phyllis A. Budinger, MUFON UFO Journal No. 427, November 2003


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