Reported Crop Circles for the State of Kansas -

Inman, McPherson County (June 16, 1995)

A ‘dumbbell-type’ formation with a ‘key’ of ‘L-shaped’ spur leading out from the smaller circle; both circles swirled counter-clockwise. The large circle 68' in diameter connected to a smaller 39' diameter circle by a pathway 14.5’ long, which originated from the larger circle. The L-shaped pathway was oriented at approximately 90 degrees (19’) from the smaller circle with a further 90 degrees bend (11’). Witness reported seeing 8-9 BOL's hovering 10ft off the ground just before discovering the circles. E-M effects reported.

Inman, KS Formation

Inman, KS Formation

Crop type: Wheat

Source: “The Inman, Kansas Crop Circles”, Stace Tussel, The Circular Issue 25, Summer 1996; W.C. Levengood


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