August 21, 2005 - Coles County, IL Photo: Jeffrey Wilson

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Aug. 21, 2014 From Jeffrey Wilson

RDF-type crop circle reported in Colorado.

Something happened in Dave Valdez’s oat field on Friday outside of La Jara, but what is still to be determined. Photo courtesy of Dave Valdez


July 10, 2014 - From Jeffrey Wilson

Another advertisement masquerading as a crop circle - near Kansas City.


July 7, 2014 - From Roger Sugden

Sunday I got a call from Jeff about something in the wheat field next to the 1996 Paulding Ohio crop circle site. Nancy and I drove over to check it out. This is what we found. Many other fields were checked going and coming back and many had this same thing. It is about 50 feet in from the road and goes in a fairly straight line through the field. I took a magnetic reading outside and inside with no difference. There had been a storm last Tuesday. Nearly all of the down wheat was in one direction. It was down to the North. I will be happy to find a geometric one this year. Still waiting.

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