Independent Crop Circle Researchers' Association [ICCRA] (International)

The Independent Crop Circle Researchers' Association (International) [ICCRA] began as a small cooperative group of individuals in the Midwestern United States who have long pursued serious research into the crop circle phenomenon with the principle of open collaboration. This 'team' of researchers has steadily grown in number, and has now included contributions from members of the crop circle research community from around the world. Although all the researchers in this association are considered independent (and thereby retaining individual ownership of their work), the investigative community has recognized that the study of the various complexities and aspects of the crop circle phenomenon are beyond the abilities and resources of any one researcher or local group to study in sufficient depth. Hence, the need for a cooperative association and network dedicated to the widest and freest possible collection and dissemination of crop circle research.

The ICCRA recognizes the need in the research community to collect and make available as much objectively verifiable knowledge and details about crop circles as possible, and so will continue to study and document crop formations using a scientific framework.

The ICCRA is committed to working cooperatively with local farmers, respecting their property and conditions for granting permission and access to their fields, and can provide experienced consultation as to the ways they can cope with the existence of having a crop circle in their field. We are also committed to working cooperatively with law enforcement agencies to assist them in assessing and investigating reported crop circles, exposing the vandalism of crop circle hoaxers, and assisting with advice on the management of visitors to the crop circle sites.

The ICCRA began as a 'core' group of individuals cooperating as a rapid response team reacting to reports of local crop circles in order to study and document them. The ICCRA has recognized the need to expand the response network to include as many interested researchers as possible. To facilitate this network, the ICCRA has begun a researcher directory so that when a crop circle is reported, the closest local investigators will be notified. This will provide the best opportunity to investigate and document the site, and also gives the wider, international community a contact-resource for information and interaction in real time.

The ICCRA's highest priority is the sharing of information and research with the wider research community. Reporting and sharing of news and field reports of formations is being carried out through . To help standardize report information, researcher access to a worldwide crop circle database with professional-level GIS mapping capability is also being developed at this website which will not only document and share the information collected in a systematic manner, but will also provide new research opportunities. This research center will also serve as a depository of information collected on historical sites, scientific reports, photos, previous field reports, the researcher directory, and links to further crop circle resources. Many independent researchers have amassed valuable files over the years regarding this phenomenon. We encourage all such researchers to use this opportunity to enrich the wider community with your archived knowledge, while at the same time retaining ownership and credit for your years of effort.

All interested researchers, and both new and previously established organizations and networks are invited to join this cooperative and collaborative effort to locate, study, document, and share information about crop circle formations, regardless of each individual's personal hypothesis regarding the source cause of the authentic crop circle phenomenon, or their affiliations with any organizations.

Jeffrey Wilson
Director, ICCRA

(cell) 734-891-2689


Founding Researchers

Jeffrey Wilson

Roger Sugden

Dr. Charles Lietzau

Steve Moreno

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