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Every researcher carries with them their own perspectives, specialties, & research capabilities that they bring to the study of crop circles. The ICCRA believes that no one, single researcher has "the answer", but instead, for progress to be made in this field of study (no pun intended), it takes cooperation and collaboration amongst many researchers with various talents and experiences to, over time, be able to gain a fuller understanding of this complex subject.

This page is intended as a community resource to profile the individual researchers who are helping to collect the basic information needed to document crop circle formations, and to profile their contributions towards this collective research. Individual profiles may have links which will redirect you off the ICCRA website to a researcher's own personal web site where you may or may not find additional crop circle-related information. The personal views and opinions found on any of these individual researchers' websites may not necessarily be the views or opinions of the ICCRA

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Founding Researchers:

Board Members:



More Members:



Members by State -

Rod Bearcloud Berry

Steve Moreno
Larry S. Newnam
Reuben Uriarte

Stace Tussel

Ted Robertson
Roger Sugden

Charlie & Jann Kiesel

Lori Baker
Tammy Herring

Todd Lemire
Dr. Charles Lietzau

Jim Prange
Gene Thomas
Lynn Wilson

Ann Cathcart

Krsanna Duran

Rich Webb

New Mexico
Dee Gragg

North Carolina
Mike Price
Lindy Tucker

Aaron Clark
Cathy & Richard Lee
Don & Teresa Mahan
Doug McIlwain
Bev & Jim McKenzie
Chris Steele
Delsey & Jeffrey Wilson

Jennifer Stein

Jason La Follette

Dr. J.P. DeVierville


ICCRA Consultants
Linda Moulton Howe
W.C. Levengood

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