USA Crop Circle Formations

These pages will allow you to view USA crop circle formation reports by the year or by the state in which the crop circle formations were reported. For each year or state that has had a crop circle formation reported, the number of crop circle formations reported in that year or state is also noted in parenthesis (#x) next to its entry. For years or states that have multiple report listings, you will be directed to a page for that year or state with all the reports listed in date order; from there you can select any individual report to view.

Additionally, we have created a page for statistical reports which summarizes the database for USA formation reports - breaking down, summarizing, and classifying the reports into data charts which are able to answer such questions such as what month during the year has the most crop circles? In what kinds of crops are reports most prevalent? Which states have had the most reports? Etc... These statistics will be updated periodically as time allows.

Director's Note: If any reader while in the course of reading any particular crop circle formation report, knows of any additional information about that given report, has additional photos, analysis, or information that they would like to have included in the report listing, or sees any factual errors that need correcting - - or you don't see a report that should be listed -- please contact us -- these report listings are intended to be a compendium of all the information about any one report that the crop circle research community has been able to collect. All contribuitons will be acknowledged and sourced.

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