USA Crop Circle Formations - Statistics

Director's Note: This chart answers the question of "When have crop circles been reported in the USA?" What this chart shows is that the total number of crop circles reported in any given year changes from year to year. The numbers rise and fall. It does show an overall or general rise in the number of formations reported each year from 1883 to the present. This should not be taken to mean that the overall number of formations are increasing over time, just that the number of formations that are reported are increasing. There is every indication in talking with farmers who have reported circles in the present era, that many crop circle formations have gone unreported in past years, and also that many formations are not being reported by farmers who do not wish publicity, ridicule, tourists, etc... It is also important to remember that "crop circles" as named such, only occurred post-1980 or so beginning in the UK media. Other earlier reports of crop circles have been uncovered only through historical research. Therefore, until there was widespread recognition that there was such a thing as a 'crop circle', most farmers and landowners who came across one on their property didn't think much of them as being anything other than some kind of natural oddity, and wouldn't have likely reported them - or have had somewhere to report them to - until our era. There may have been just as many crop circles occurring pre-1980 as post-1980, these reports were just never documented well. For more consideration of earlier historical reports go here.

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