USA Crop Circle Formations - Statistics

Director's Note: This chart further refines the question of "When have crop circles been reported in the USA?" What this chart shows is that the total number of crop circles reported in the USA in any given decade changes from decade to decade. The numbers rise and fall. It does show an overall or general rise in the number of formations reported each deacde. This should not be taken to mean that the overall number of formations are increasing over time, just that the number of formations that are reported are increasing. There is every indication in talking with farmers who have reported circles in the present era, that many crop circle formations have gone unreported in past years, and also that many formations are not being reported by farmers who do not wish publicity, ridicule, tourists, etc... It is also important to remember that although modern "crop circles" as named such, only began to be reported post-1980 or so beginning in the UK, while at the same time, the number reported in the USA during the 1980's actually dropped by almost half from the number reported during the 1970's. Once there was widespread recognition that there was such a thing as a 'crop circle' as media reports began airing about crop circles [I saw my first TV news report about crop circles in 1986 which included interviews with Dr. Terence Meaden, Pat Delgado, and Colin Andrews], you would think that the number of reports would begin to rise, but large numbers of crop circles didn't begin to get reported in the USA until the 1990's. The 2000's (so far) are nearing the same total number of reports as the 1990's, although reports of crop circles in the USA have been dropping every year since a peak in 2003.

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