USA Crop Circle Formations - Statistics

These pages will allow you to view USA crop circle formation statistical reports which reveal interesting facts about crop circles in the USA and which will dispel many mis-reported facts, rumors, and mythologies about crop circles.

Director's Note: Since crop circles are reported worldwide and are found irrespective of political borders, some of these statistics can be viewed as are just being an arbitrary and convienient way of looking at this set of data points. Particularly for state by state reports, one should not make value-laden judgements in interpreting whether or not one particular state has more or less reports than another, as state borders are arbitrarily drawn on a map of the Earth. While it may be interesting to note that the area now called "Ohio" has had the most reported crop circles within that given area, it does not mean that "Ohio" is somehow better (or worse) than "Rhode Island" which has never reported a crop circle within its borders. Many factors seem to be responsible for where crop circles form, and in what medium they form in.

Statistical Reports:

USA Crop Circles Reported 1880-2008

USA Crop Circles 1880-2008 Reports by Decade

USA Crop Circles 1880-2008 Reports by State / Territory; Top States Reporting

USA Crop Circles 1990-2008 Distribution by Month / Monthly Contribution

USA Crop Circles 1990-2008 Crop Medium Analysis

USA Crop Circle Reports 1990-2008 Classified by Type / Percentage by Classification Type



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