Reported Crop Circles for the State of Ohio -

Columbus, Franklin County (October 16, 1973)

An Air National Guard Flight controller, Jesse Dunagan, witnessed a 'ball-of-light' (BOL): "The object glowed from within just like it was a crystal." The BOL was flying at 500' zig-zagging across a soybean field near Hall Road; it hovered over a few trees for several minutes, then dropped straight down and disappeared. The next day, Dunagan went to the spot where the BOL disappeared, walked through a 1/4 mile of waist-high grass/weeds to discover a 20' by 30' diameter semi-oval area of matted down plants.

The late UFO researcher Kenny Young managed to track down the eyewitness 21 years later, and he described the indentation of the soy-bean field ”best as to resemble the shape of a chemistry beaker on its measured about 30 ft long and was about 20 ft wide at the base...I don't remember what the measurement was at the smaller end....I would say that the matted area was more "flattened" than of the crop circle type "circle" pattern”; “all of the photos were taken.....along with samples of the field...including soybeans... soil.... radiation readings....survey charts Dr. Hynek's associate...I never received any of my personal photos back. About the only photo I have is a faded newspaper story with me kneeling in the field next to the area.”

Eyewitness report only.

Crop type: soybeans.

Sources: The Columbus Citizen Journal, October 17, 1973; personal correspondence to Kenny Young


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