Reported Crop Circles for the State of Ohio -

Worthington, Franklin County (April 1995)

Two approximately 50' diameter circles were discovered swirled counter-clockwise in field grass along the Olentangy River.

The above three photos are video stills from a video given to ICCRA member Chris Steele by two visitors to the circles - this is the only photo or video record we've been able to obtain of this crop circle formation. This video shows that these two circles were located directly across from the river overlook deck of the Highbanks Metro Park. This overlook sits on the cliffside within the enclosure walls of the ancient Highbanks (Cole) Earthworks and is less than 1,000’ away from the two circles (the diagram was a survey done by Charles Whittlesley in the mid-1800's):

Here is what the earthwork's walls look like today:

Here is a closeup of the park sign pictured above with has additional information about the construction of the earthwork, and the mysterious culture that built it over a 1,000 years ago:

Very little is known about the Cole culture that built the earthworks and lived in this part of central Ohio. One interesting detail to point out is the special way in which the earthworks' walls were contructed - using a core of specially-imported red clay, layered over with a specially-imported yellow clay. Many of the large ceremonial earthworks that were constructed in Ohio were built in this special way.

The two crop circles were also located in close proximity to high tension power lines which you can see in this video still:

The two circles were reported by a local paper which declared them a hoax with no further details or evidence.

Crop type: grass.

Sources: Chris Steele, Jeffrey Wilson


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