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Ann Cathcart is a board certified holistic nurse, master healer, and organic farmer. She has studied metaphysics most of her life and has held a fascination with crop circles for more than a decade. She has visited the Wiltshire area of England several times, where a majority of crop circles appear and experienced the energy, joy, science, and mystery of many elaborate circles.

She has prepared and is now presenting a comprehensive introductory Keynote presentation, Crop Circles: Impressions in Our Fields.

Objectives are:

1. State four facts about crop circles based on scientific research

2. State three ways the metaphysical understanding of crop circle symbolism can expand consciousness and everyday awareness

3. Give a one minute explanation about: who, what, when, where, how, and why the crop circle phenomena is happening so prolifically now.

Crop circles are a modern day phenomenon with implications beyond human comprehension. This program provides insight into the science of the mystery that has intrigued researchers, scientists, healers, and mystics throughout the world for decades. What is the message? What are the circlemakers communicating? Explore the enigma, feel the power, learn from symbols and sacred geometry. Awareness expands consciousness toward all possibilities…maybe even worldwide peace and perpetual balance and harmony.

Contact information:

Ann Cathcart

Website with further educational and biographical information: www.clearpathtowellness.com



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